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Webinar: API, Plant Extracts and Endogenous Biomarkers Bioanalysis in the Skin Micro-Environment by David Bonnel, PhD

Webinar: API, Plant Extracts and Endogenous Biomarkers Bioanalysis in the Skin Micro-Environment David Bonnel, PhD.
25th of June | 10 am East Coast Time/ 4 pm Paris Time | Online

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Molecular Imaging combined with histology has proven to be a strong bioanalytical support in Dermatology and Cosmetology.
Indeed compared to the traditional approaches, molecular imaging by Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging (QMSI) shows a clear advantage as it preserves skin integrity by working directly on whole skin section (no homogenate) and does not require any labelling of molecules. It allows to generate a distribution profile in whole skin sample and can provide reliable quantification of target exposure and localized drug efficacy in the various histological regions (langerhans cells, epidermis, dermis, sebaceous glands, hair follicles, etc.).

QMSI molecular distributions can also be overlaid with histological staining and/or immunostaining images to monitor the endogenous molecular changes occurring (proteins, lipids, metabolites, etc.)

This presentation will include the state-of-the-art of these multimodal imaging approaches (advantages and limitations) and examples of relevant applications on skin to confirm drug efficacy and/or determine phenotypic and functional tissue profiles.

About David Bonnel, PhD
Dr. Bonnel received a Ph.D. in Biology from the CNRS (Lille, France) and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Institute of Pharmacology of Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke, Canada). He worked and published on the development and applications of mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) in the fields of health and pharmacology. Dr Bonnel has contributed to the development of molecular imaging technologies by mass spectrometry to study different diseases, more specifically in Oncology and Dermatology. He joined ImaBiotech (CRO specialized in label free imaging) in 2010, and is today Executive Director of the French site. Since 2018, he is also member of the NHL Cluster, a French competitiveness cluster designed to stimulate and support collaborative research between private companies and academic laboratories in Europe.
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David Bonnel, executive director Imabiotech

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