ImaBiotech supports pharmaceutical industry with innovative Imaging services that predict more accurately which treatment will work in stratified population.
ImaBiotech is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with two facilities one in Boston (MA) and one in France. The company offers innovative services to the pharmaceutical research to provide better drug efficacy and toxicity evaluations from preclinical to clinical stages, making better and safer drugs.
Services are based on different imaging techniques combined to Quantitative Mass Spectrometry a technology developed and constantly improved by ImaBiotech. Quantitative Mass Spectrometry (QMSI) has been developed for decades and allows to detect elements and molecules without labelling. ImaBiotech has developed the quantitative aspects through many patents making ImaBiotech the worldwide leader in this field. QMSI is a game changer of the pharmaceutical industry in all therapeutic areas. While actual techniques provide global information, this molecular technique brings deeper information about drug localization and its pharmacology effects to recover disease tissues and damaged cells. This increases the interpretation of drug efficacy and toxicity improving drugs and improving time to market. To interpret datas we’ve developed, thanks to our patents, two softwares called Quantinetix and Multimaging to interpret pharmacology in tissue.

Key Figures

  • Founding in 2010
  • Growth of 320% in 4 years
  • 75% of the TOP20 Pharmas
  • 200 customers in USA, Europe and Japan
  • 300 drug development studies
  • 47 patents in Quantification, Target exposure scoring, etc…
  • 50% of our activity in the USA
  • 2nd facility in the USA was opened in 2017

Our awards

ImaBiotech, has received an impressive number of awards since being founded by Jonathan Stauber. These honors demonstrate ImaBiotech’s ongoing commitment to continuously grow and develop the science and the company.

Our most recent awards:

  • In 2017, ImaBiotech was laureate of the « Champion de la Croissance 2017 » recognition by Les Echos and Statista.
  • In 2015, L’express has introduced ImaBiotech into his ranking of the 100 most promising start-up
  • Eurasanté’s prize for “Innovation and development” on April 11, 2014 awarded by the Société Industrielle du Nord de France.


Our quality system

  • ImaBiotech has been a holder of an ISO 9001 given by the prestigious international agency Bureau Veritas.
  • Use of a LIMS, a Laboratory Information Management System, for better data management and archiving
  • GLP-Like environment in Boston and Lille with GLP Word reports
  • Julien Stauber, Quality Manager, stated:

    “ImaBiotech make every day improvements through continual questioning, analysis of customers’ needs and the involvement of all parties. ISO 9001 Certification attests that we constantly improve our services to ensure client needs are met. As an example the data are managed on multiple servers and the archived projects are transferred on a bandwidth in a bank safe. Every day, our customers give evidence of their loyalty to our company”

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