“We believe that bringing new services and technologies to the pharmaceutical industry in combination to our expertise and values will accelerate the development of better drugs to the patients.”




With two facilities in Boston (MA) and Lille (France), ImaBiotech offers innovative Spatial Multi-Omics services to the pharmaceutical research to provide better drug efficacy and toxicity evaluations from preclinical to clinical stages.


Pharmaceutical research needs support to develop new drugs while it is necessary to spend 12 years and more than a billion dollars to make a drug available and accessible to Patients. In the meantime. the risk of failure is important; while 1,000 new drugs are developed, only one demonstrates enough efficacy to get approved by the regulatory agencies and get accessible to patients.

A large number of new technologies are available to the pharmaceutical research to reduce the rate of failure and accelerate the development of safer therapies. We scout new technologies and develop robust protocols to apply the technologies to our routine pharmaceutical research.

Our Services are based on different bio-analytical and imaging techniques including Quantitative Mass Spectrometry; a technology developed and constantly improved by ImaBiotech. Quantitative Mass Spectrometry (QMSI) allows to detect elements and molecules without labeling. While actual techniques provide global information, this molecular technique brings deeper information about drug localization and its pharmacology effects to recover disease tissues and damaged cells. This increases the interpretation of drug efficacy and toxicity improving drugs and improving time to market. To interpret datas we’ve developed, thanks to our patents, two software called Quantinetix and Multimaging to interpret pharmacology in tissue.


ImaBiotech’s mission is to measure all the parameters that will explain the drug efficacy and reveal the high potential of new medicines using the latest technologies and scientific expertise. In order to measure the parameters, we develop robust methods to quantify the exact amount of drug in contact to targeted cells in human and animal models.  We are able to measure the impact of the new drugs with no doubt. Our mission is to accelerate the development of drugs with personalized approach  for each customer.


    •  Scientific rigor: The culture of evidence, the attention to detail and the need for safety are the foundations of our quality culture.
    • Innovation: Our solution is a mix between science and the market’s need. Our competitive edge is our adaptation to use innovative technologies and our scientific skills to meet our sponsor’s expectations
    • Performance’s recognition: A management mode centered on the evaluation of individual and collective results.
    • Listening of the needs: Our company’s aims to ensure the ongoing improvement of our services to always satisfy our market.


ImaBiotech, has received numerous awards since being founded by Jonathan Stauber, PhD. These honors demonstrate ImaBiotech’s ongoing commitment to continuously grow and develop the science and the company.

Our most recent awards:

    • In 2019, ImaBiotech was awarded most innovative start-up company in France with 47 patents applied worldwide by Forbes and Patent-angels.com
    • In 2018, ImaBiotech has been awarded in the TOP500 european companies for the 330% growth over the last 3 years by Deloitte FAST500.
    • In 2017, ImaBiotech was laureate of the “Champion de la Croissance 2017” recognition by Les Echos and Statista.
    • In 2015, L’express has introduced ImaBiotech into his ranking of the 100 most promising start-up
    • Eurasanté’s prize for “Innovation and development” on April 11, 2014 awarded by the Société Industrielle du Nord de France.

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