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  • ASMS 2017

    Come and meet Rima Ait-Belkacem and Jonathan Stauber to discover all our capabilities. June 4- 8, 2017, in (...)

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  • Webinar on Immuno-Oncology by Rima AIT-BELKACEM, PhD

    The webinar titled “Immuno-Oncology: Tryptophan-Kynurenine Microenvironment Tumor Metabolites Pathway Highlighted by (...)

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Version history :

1.7.10.x on 2015/05

  • Fix for unit in calibration curve []
  • Fix for area name with “_”
  • Correction on export format on TEC. First mass filter was exported.

1.7.9.x on 2015/02

  • Calibration curve saved for each mass filter
  • Possibility to copy/ paste rectangle area
  • Export format improvement
  • Correction concerning a problem after "Export as" action

1.7.8.x on 2014/12

  • Consider zero values on all views especially in Calibration View on FTICR datasets (due to the data reduction).
  • Minor changes on initializations of thresholds

1.7.6.x on 2014/02 [Framework .Net 4.5 required]

  • New area color possibilities
  • Replica curve management
  • LOD & LOQ estimation based on control area
  • Waters flat file loading with drift
  • Better overlay between image scan and molecular image on Bruker’s format
  • Minor UI labels corrections
  • Correction about some use cases of double subtraction
  • x64 bits deployed version

1.7.5.x on 2013/09

  • Min. height on views for laptop configurations
  • Target mode correction with scan event on Thermo’s datafiles
  • Optimizations about unlock protection (first using)

1.7.4.x on 2013/09

  • Some graphical chart modifications concerning the label position : you can now choose on top/bottom/hidden by right click on chart
  • A new "fill out" action on select boxes. It allows you to quickly update a normalization factor for example - Right click on select box and fill it.
  • A new feature about the calibration curve. It now estimates the outliers to increase the correlation coefficient ! Switch off residuals with a factor from -2 to +2
  • A consideration of null values in normalisation for the FTICR reduced datasets coming from Bruker

1.7.3.x on 2013/06

  • More export information in CSV format
  • All surface took in quantification phase. Concerned FTICR dataset with high data reduction
  • Imzml, changed from Int32 to Int64 for position into the model

1.7.2.x on 2013/05

  • mzXML reading capabitilities
  • Intensity calculation correction with small mass filter range using API.

1.7.1.x on 2013/04

  • Full spectrum reading
  • Molecular overlay with multiple mass filters for a better view of molecular co-localization
  • Integration for reading most latest provider formats (Bruker MCF & Thermo 2.2) with no transformation
  • New data storage (best data reduction up to x4) and image generation parallelisation (up to x2 faster)
  • Anaylze7.5 and iMZML data reading

1.6.4.x on 2013/01

  • Smoothing option for molecular image
  • Best consideration on Imzml data point reduction in app.config
  • Zoom position saved on each view
  • Suppression of the edit/zoom button for more practicity