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Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Innovative Technologies.

Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging combines a number of advantages unlike any other approach. It’s a technique adapted to the detection, localization and quantification of molecules such as drugs, metabolites, contrast agents, polymers and many more. The technique is:

  • Sensitive (detection of several types of molecules: lipids, proteins, drugs, chemical compounds)
  • Label-free (simultaneous localization of all compounds)
  • Fast (from minutes to a few hours according to image size and resolution)
  • Standardized and reproducible
  • semi quantitative

The advantages of this technique are applicable as early as the discovery phase for validation of molecules with high potential.

MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry analysis workflow

Mass spectrometry Imaging
1. Administration of compound and biopsy

2. Histological sectioning of specific organ or animal whole body

3. Slide preparation: automated method for matrix deposition for increased homogeneity with the adding of the internal standard (to take the biological matrix effect or tissue effect into consideration).

4. Mass spectrometry step via MALDI (Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption Ionization). Spectra are acquired based on spatial coordinates, then a software reconstructs the distribution of detected molecules as an image. Several detection modes possible: MS, MS/MS, SRM/MRM.

5. Images and data acquired are used for the analysis and quantification of molecules such as drugs, metabolites, lipids and proteins.