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  • ASMS 2017

    Come and meet Rima Ait-Belkacem and Jonathan Stauber to discover all our capabilities. June 4- 8, 2017, in (...)

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  • Webinar on Immuno-Oncology by Rima AIT-BELKACEM, PhD

    The webinar titled “Immuno-Oncology: Tryptophan-Kynurenine Microenvironment Tumor Metabolites Pathway Highlighted by (...)

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ImaBiotech is a CRO whose mission is to support research laboratories in the molecule development process with the help of mass spectrometry tools. Expertise, quality and flexibility are combined with an innovative technological platform in order to accelerate the discovery and development of molecules in the medical, pharmacology, agrochemistry and environment fields.

Constantly growing, Imabiotech is currently hiring for:

Postdoc position
PDF - 248.8 kb
Postdoc Position
Bioanalytical Engineer (Lille, France)
PDF - 239.2 kb
Ingénieur Bioanalytique
French Version
PDF - 235.6 kb
Bioanalytical Engineer
English Version
Mass Spectrometry Imaging Scientist (Boston Area, MA, USA)
PDF - 260.9 kb
Mass Spectrometry Imaging Scientist
English Version
Histology technician (Boston Area, MA, USA)
PDF - 259.5 kb
Histology technician
English Version
Laboratory Manager (Lille, France)
PDF - 256.3 kb
Laboratory Manager
European Sales Manager (Lille, France)
PDF - 442.7 kb
European Sales Manager
English Version Only
Regional Sales Representative (East Coast, USA)
PDF - 200 kb
Regional Sales Representative
English Version Only

If you’re ready to join our dynamic and innovative team, send us your resume and cover letter: recruitment@imabiotech.com