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    Come and meet Stefan Linehan and Charles Larson to discover all our capabilities. April 1- 5, 2017, in Walter E. (...)

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    Come and Meet Florian Farcette, our business developer, to discover all our capabilities. March 20- 22, 2017, in (...)

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Quantinetix™ is a Quantitative Imaging Mass Spectrometry Software that provides quantitation of target compounds (taking into account biological matrix effect) following Mass spectrometry imaging experiments.

Dedicated to research, Quantinetix™ :

  • is a user-friendly imaging program
  • offers normalization to get “real images
  • provides concentration of your target compounds
  • over 25 organs in Whole body distribution
  • in smaller organs at 20µm resolution such as the eye or brain, etc..

Quantinetix™ is specially designed to various study types:

  • ADMET study
  • PK/PD study
  • Toxicity study
  • In support of Whole Body Autoradiography
  • Proteomics and Lipidomics studies

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