2019 Mass Spectrometry Imaging Award

The Mass Spectrometry Imaging Jury Delivered by ImaBiotech has been awarded to Dr. Marcel Niehaus during OURCON Conference. The independent jury has been chaired this year by Dr. Charles Pineau with the complicity of Dr. Tiffany Porta and Dr. Theodore Alexandrov.

MALDI- 2 imaging development has been awarded

Dr. Marcel Niehaus has been award MSI innovation price 2019 for his work performed on improved Mass Spectrometry Imaging detection during a PhD and Post-Doc program leaded by Prof. Klaus Dreisewerd. By combining two techniques, transmission mode MALDI and laser-induced post ionisation (MALDI-2), he was able to achieve sub-µm pixel sizes while maintaining high ion abundancies to visualize the distribution of several phospholipids in cells and tissues. This postdoctoral work resulted in the Nature Methods publication that is awarded by the Jury.

ImaBiotech Mass Spectrometry Award was created in 2014 to promote innovation in the field of Mass Spectrometry Imaging. Previous winners Benedikt Geier, Bram Heijs, John Cahill, and Shane Ellis. The MSI award recipient is awarded $5,000 for the best innovative project using Mass Spectrometry Imaging techniques (development and applications with every MS Imaging modalities such as SIMS, DESI, LAESI, and MALDI).

ImaBiotech would like to thank all of the participants and the jury for their innovative publications, projects and the hard work to make Mass Spectrometry Imaging an incredible technique and platform for life sciences and pharmaceutical industry.

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