ImaBiotech a unique platform to reveal biological secret

ImaBiotech Expands Bioanalytical Pharmaceutical Services with Pyxant Labs Colorado and Salt Lake City Sites

ImaBiotech Group announces the creation of an innovative global bioanalytical CRO with Pyxant Labs Inc. Colorado Springs and Salt Lake City sites in North America. The integration of the expertise, innovation and analytical platforms of the companies to form a leading global bioanalytical services provider will provide a unique offering to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

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Innovative Bioanalysis and Spatial Bioanalysis to Accelerate Drug Development

ImaBiotech offers services including imaging technologies, able to quantify the distribution of drugs, changes in gene expression, metabolites, lipids and proteins. Combined with Digital pathology and Artificial Intelligence we measure the molecular organization in cells and tissues, the expression and interaction of system biology.

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Precision Pharmaceuticals Services

We support Drug Development and Investigation from preclinical to clinical stages using the distribution and quantification of drugs, proteins, metabolites and gene expression at cellular levels in targeted tissues.

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Precision Biomarker Discovery Services

With Spatialomics and digital image analysis, we quantify the spatial organization of cells through transcriptome, metabolome or proteome changes in disease models.

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Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

We developed analysis tools to quantify molecular tissue morphology from different technologies. This affords the maximum output of the data in terms of molecular tissue morphology, and cellular organization.

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Access to Spatialomics Technologies

Including Mass Spectrometry Imaging services, Imaging Mass Cytometry services and spatially-resolved gene expression services to map the entire biological resources at cellular level.

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